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School Climate Transformation Grants

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How Review360 Aligns with the Requirements

Requirement: Build capacity for implementing a sustained, school-wide multi-tiered behavioral framework by improving the skills of school personnel, developing trained and experienced staff, and improving the quality, accessibility, and usefulness of data collection and analysis.

By leveraging technology, Review360 creates a systemic school and class-wide implementation of a multi-tiered behavioral framework through the delivery of online, on demand professional development. Additionally, Review360 can be used to automate the district’s student code of conduct ensuring that a positive and proactive approach is being utilized. The system includes a robust incident management system that can track, aggregate, analyze, intervene, and communicate information to different stakeholders.

Requirement: Enhance capacity by providing training and technical assistance to schools on developing or improving data collection and data-based decision making, using evidence-based practices and reliable practices for evaluating implementation and measuring outcomes of the multi-tiered behavioral framework.

Review360 is a comprehensive, web-based solution configurable at the school level and capable of aggregating and disaggregating data at many levels while providing in-depth charts and reports to support data-based decision making. The system is evidence- and research-based to support a PBIS implementation with fidelity and each district is assigned an Implementation Specialist that helps guide, develop, and monitor the implementation of the multi-tiered behavioral framework. Through this unique blend of technology and personnel, Review360 helps the district address the issues of utmost concern to them and realize the best possible outcomes for their schools, staff, and students.

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“To create positive school climates that support effective education for all students through the use of evidence-based behavioral practices…. To reduce problem behaviors, decrease bullying and peer-victimization, improve the perception of school as a safe setting, and increase academic performance in reading and math.” source:

Amount Available

$50 million. There will be a State competition and a separate LEA competition.

Anticipated Timeline

  • June 23: State and District applications due

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